About Your Home Network.

We’re your neighbor and like you we’ve been navigating in unknown and uncertain territory.  Home has become more important than ever and community has become something new altogether.  How we meet people, interact and handle our business is changing in ways we never imagined.

So maybe now you’re buying or selling a home, maybe you’re looking to remodel a room to serve a new function.  You want the best professionals that are part of your community

Well that’s what you get when you pick work with the people on Your Home Network.  Our mission is to connect our community.  That’s why we at Local Motion created Your Home Network.  When life’s major decisions come up—like buying or selling your home—we think it should be easy (and free!) to find the right professional to keep you on course.

Your Online Guide to the Best Real Estate and Home Service Businesses in South Florida!

Life Is Changing; So Should Your Home

COVID-19 has changed the way we network and do business.  Your Home Network was created to connect South Florida residents with real estate professionals and services.  And ensure they have accurate information during this confusing time.  

At Your Home Network, our top priority is serving the community and helping our neighbors. As we continue to monitor the ongoing health crisis, you can trust that our partners will adhere to the restrictions put in place to protect our friends, families, and communities.

Now more than ever A home is so much more than four walls and a roof.  For most people, property represents the biggest investment they’ll ever make and the only source of stability.